Tesco Head Office (Hertfordshire)

Contact Number

You can reach the Tesco head office on the telephone number above. This number will allow you to speak to a member of the customer service team who can assist you with HR queries, complaints, marketing enquiries, or issues with products.

When you call the Tesco head office number, you will have several options:

  1. If you know the person who you want to speak to
  2. If you are a customer and need help
  3. You are a colleague or former employee
  4. Accounts Payable
  5. Referencing enquiries or legal enquiries (tax credits)
  6. Suppliers or potential products
  7. Anything else


Falcon Way,
Shire Park,
Welwyn Garden City,


The Tesco head office is about a 5 min drive from the A1 motorway in Lemsford off junction 4. The A1 is directly linked to the M1 and M25. If you wish to travel there by train, you can catch any train stopping at Welwyn Garden City train station. Then it is just a 5 minute walk to Falcon Way.