American Express UK Head Office (Brighton)

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

American Express Contact Number

Call the number above to get in touch with the American Express UK Head Office.

After calling this number you can get help with information relating to your account, or setting up a new one. When you call you will be prompted by an automated message to give a few words about why you are calling them. You might say things like:

  • Balance
  • Payments
  • Recent transactions
  • Lost card
  • Rewards
  • Update account information
  • Credit limit
  • Apply for a card
  • Balance transfer

American Express Headquarters

Amex House
1 John Street
BN88 1AH


Find the American Express UK Head Office in Brighton’s city centre. The Brighton train station is just a 15-minute walk away from the address.

If you take the left off John Street you’ll find the A road, London Road, which will connect you quickly to the A27 and A23. From the A23 you can find the M23.

One thought on “American Express UK Head Office (Brighton)

  1. I run a small CIC in Brighton and Hove called Creativity Calling CIC.

    I am running creative workshops for vulnerable people out of Albion Community Hub, Thornsdale Building, Albion Hill. Currently I am running a creativity course for Mental Health Carers through the Carers Centre for Brighton and Hove.

    When I turn up to run courses currently I really struggle with parking in the area despite there being a large carpark as part of the complex. I have a lot of equipment that needs unloading and reloading at the end of the session and then its difficult to find a safe place to park whilst delivering sessions.

    I am told that AMEX has control of all of these parking spaces and I was wondering if, as a act of generosity for the community, a space could be made available for staff running community projects from the Albion Community Hub in the car park next to the Thornsdale Building. This would be really supportive of the local area and community.

    Please do let me know if you are able to support this idea and also if there is any further funding available to support Creativity Calling CIC.


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