Burger King Head Office (London)

Last Updated on September 25, 2023

Contact Number

Contact Burger King head office by ringing the helpline number provided. This will connect you to a person in the Customer Relations department at the Burger King head office. You can tell them the reason for your call and they will assist you directly or transfer you to someone who can. There are plenty of reasons that you might call Burger King, but here are some of the departments to contact:

  • Legal and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement
  • Marketing
  • Investors
  • Press


Burger King
BKUK Group Ltd
5 New Street Square


The entrance to Burger King head office, or BKUK Group, is off the pedestrianised area of New Street Square. These buildings are just off Fetter Lane, which is accessible by car from the A40 to the north and the A4/Fleet Street to the south. There is limited parking space on Little New Street just off New Street Square. It would be easier to rely on public transport. The office is a 7-minute walk from City Thameslink, or 10 minutes from Blackfriars Station for Southeastern trains. It is also a 7-minute walk from Chancery Lane underground on the Central line. Or the 341 bus route calls just a minute away at the Fetter Lane stop, and the 4, 11, 15, 26, 76, and 172 call a few minutes away around the corner.

5 thoughts on “Burger King Head Office (London)

  1. I contacted Burger King about a delivery that cost me nearly £30 and couldn’t eat any of it and I still haven’t heard back.

  2. Ordered food from you linwood branch and drove 4 miles to take to my son and surprisingly the order had stuff missing,

    This is not the first time and what’s worse is that they don’t even give you a receipt

    I am totally disgusted with the service no wonder the place is nearly empty all the time.

    If your staff cannot do the job they shouldn’t be in it, and for your company to charge people for food they don’t get you much be making a profit or your staff are stealing, I go in every Friday night after work at about 4.10pm so they are definitely not busy.

  3. I Have just been to burger king in Stirling and I am absolutely disgusted with the service and attitude!!!
    I bought two meals and when I poured the diet coke it was flat!(no gas)
    I asked the person if they could please fill my cup from the machine she was using for the drive through as both the machines on the shop floor were flat!!.
    She did this and it was just the same.
    She advised they are having issues with it.
    I said well why are you taking orders and charging people for something they cannot have.
    I was asked if I wanted water or capri sun. I did not want any of these.
    I then asked for the manager who said ‘put ice in it and it will make it gassy ‘
    Stupidly I tried this and it was still the same. He never came near or asked me if it worked. He just stayed away from the serving desk even though I said I wanted a refund.
    By the time I got back to my table my food was frozen!!.
    I think this is a terrible service!!!
    I witnessed this with 3 customers in the 25 minutes I was in the shop from placing my order that cost £18.08 (was not worth it as I put my meal in the bin and left!!!)
    Can you please advise me what will be done about this.
    *I tried to send this on Friday night to the email address given by the assistant in burger King Stirling who I formed me this was the only way I could complain?
    Surprisingly this email did NOT work!

    A Cunningham

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