Hotel Chocolat Head Office (Royston)

Contact Number

03444 932323

You can call the Hotel Chocolat head office on the number above, this number is available during Monday to Friday 8.30am till 8pm. 

Press one to place an order

Press two to talk about your subscription 

Press three for business order enquiries 

Press four to discuss your Velvetiser 

Press five for customer service 

Press six to discuss your credit balance 

Press seven for anything else


Mint House 

Newark Close 




The directions to get to the Hotel Chocolat head office are relatively straightforward. The head office is located just off the A505. 

The nearest train station is Royston, which is just a ten-minute walk away. 

The nearest London station is Kings Cross, and it will take you around 35 minutes to get to the Hotel Chocolat head office from here, traffic depending, of course.