Housing 21 Head Office (Birmingham)

Last Updated on February 7, 2023

Contact Number

If you want to speak to the Housing 21 head office team, you can phone the number above. 

When you call this number you will be given the following options to choose from: 

Press one for property sales 

Press two for finance enquiries such as rent, care payments, service charge and benefit information 

Press three for staff enquiries 

Press four if you know the extension number of the person you’re trying to contact 

Press five for all other enquiries


Tricorn House 51-53 Hagley Road


B16 8TP 


The Five Ways train station is about a ten-minute walk away from the Housing 21 head office. 

Edbagston Village tram stop is just over the road from Tricorn House, which offers another great option for public transport to travel to the Housing 21 headquarters. 

There are also multiple bus stops in the vicinity of the head office location, with various routes all stopping there. They include the 9 Platinum, 12, 12A, 13, 13A, 126, 829, X8 Platinum and X10 Platinum. 

Once you come out of the head office you will be on the A456, which you can follow to get onto the M5 motorway.