How to Spend Your Nectar Points in Sainsbury’s


Sainsbury’s was one of the founding members of the Nectar loyalty programme. It makes sense that it is one of the most popular retailers for collecting and spending Nectar points. If you have a Nectar card, then buying your groceries at Sainsbury’s would help you to earn Nectar points faster. It makes sense to redeem your Nectar points at Sainsbury’s as well to save some money on your necessities.

How to Collect Nectar Points in Sainsbury’s

You can collect Nectar points in Sainsbury’s stores and their online shop, and also Sainsbury’s Bank and Sainsbury’s Energy. As soon as you have a Nectar card, you can begin to earn points whenever you spend money at Sainsbury’s. Swipe your Nectar card when paying to collect the points on your final transaction total. You will earn 1 point per £1 when you make qualifying purchases instore or online. At Esso Sainsbury’s petrol stations, you will earn 1 point per 1 litre of fuel. You might be able to earn more points per pound during promotional periods when Sainsbury is running special offers.

Please note that you won’t earn Nectar points if you pay using points or on the following purchases:

  • gift vouchers
  • postage stamps
  • savings stamps
  • cash back
  • vending machines
  • car park tickets
  • lottery tickets
  • tobacco kiosk
  • spirits and liqueurs
  • mobile phone cards
  • mobile phone vouchers
  • proprietary medicine
  • baby milk products

How to Spend Nectar Points at Sainsbury’s

Unfortunately, you cannot spend Nectar points at Sainsbury’s at the same rate that you earn them. When you spend Nectar points in Sainsbury’s, 500 points are the equivalent of £2.50. You can only spend Nectar points in minimum blocks of 500 points. You can opt to pay with your points up to the nearest £2.50 when you swipe your Nectar card at the till. Alternatively, you can redeem your points for an e-voucher through your Nectar account and then use this when you check out online. Since you can only pay with segments of 500 points, you might not have enough to pay for an entire order.

How to Redeem Nectar Points in Sainsbury’s

Actually redeeming the Nectar points on your account is easy. You can redeem points instantly from your Nectar card the next time you make a Sainsbury’s purchase. The only regulations are that you must wait 24 hours after first visiting the store, and you must have earned Nectar points on more than £1 of shopping at Sainsbury’s in the last 12 months. Purchases at Sainsbury’s petrol stations do not count towards this. However, you can redeem points to pay for fuel when you swipe your card at the petrol station kiosk (but not if you pay at the pump). You must have swiped your Nectar card at a Sainsbury’s location at least once in the previous year to be able to redeem points there. You can ask Sainsbury’s staff to help if you want to spend points at a location where you haven’t swiped it before.

How to Redeem Nectar Vouchers in Sainsbury’s

Nectar sometimes issues Sainsbury’s-specific vouchers which will only be for use at Sainsbury’s. You must meet the conditions of the voucher and give it to the cashier in order to redeem the described offer. The voucher will no longer be redeemable past the “valid until” date it displays. These printed vouchers are normally only for use in Sainsbury’s stores or petrol stations. This excludes Sainsbury’s online store and in-store concessions like Argos and Habitat. Vouchers must be original, undamaged versions, and you normally cannot use them at the same time as other promotions. You could use a voucher as part-payment then pay the remaining balance via another method, but you can’t get any change or a refund for a voucher. You will not earn Nectar points on it if you are redeeming points.

Why are my Nectar points not on my Sainsbury’s receipt?

Sainsbury’s has changed the way Nectar points appear on Sainsbury’s till receipts. This is to make it easier for customers to see their balance at the time of the receipt being printed. Do not worry if your points balance on the receipt is inaccurate, because it could take some time for your Nectar account to update. Bonus points can take up to 28 days to clear. Only contact Sainsbury’s if your Nectar points balance is showing as 0. You may need to update your account details to fix this.

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