Moneysupermarket Head Office

Last Updated on September 1, 2023

The contact number for Moneysupermarket is available directly from their website at no or lower cost.

Press office: 0777 5941 689

Customer service: 0333 123 1983

The Moneysupermarket head office located in Ewloe is reachable by phone at the number shown above. Calling this number will put you in contact with a number of departments, such as Customer Service, and Press Office.

Moneysupermarket Contact

If you have specific inquiries or would like to contact Moneysupermarket, you can use the following email address:


Press enquiries:


Moneysupermarket House

St. David’s Park




The head office for Moneysupermarket is based in Ewloe in Wales and can be found next to Parkbee Village Hotel and Village Gym. If you’re travelling from Hawarden train station you will find that it takes around 21 minutes on foot to reach the head office address for Choose My Car. The nearest bus stop is located on Carlines Park where you can get the X4 bus.