Morrisons Head Office (Bradford)

Contact Number

You can contact the Morrisons head office by calling the telephone number above. When you call this number you will be put through to a member of the head office team, who can then assist you with anything from product issues to HR management or complaints.

You can call this contact number if you want to discuss:

  1. Product suppliers or potential products
  2. Tax credits or legal enquiries
  3. You are a customer in need of assistance with a product, store, or delivery
  4. You would like to work for Morrisons and find out how to apply for a job
  5. You previously worked for Morrisons and would like to discuss an issue with a former colleague
  6. You know the Morrisons team member that you need to talk to and would like to be transferred to them
  7. You wish to make some marketing enquiries
  8. Any other enquiries for the team


Hilmore House,
71 Gain Lane,
West Yorkshire,


The location of the Morrisons head office is quite rural and out of the way. If you take the M62 and turn off onto the A650 followed by the A6177 turn off you should find yourself on Leeds road which will take you Gain lane. If you’re travelling via public transport the best option is to get a train to New Pudsey train station and walk to Gain Lane or you can get the 660 bus to the end of Gain Lane.