Muscle Food Head Office (Nottingham)

Contact Number

0843 596 3551

You can phone the Muscle Food head office on the number above. When you call this number you will hear the following options to choose from: 

Press the number of the extension of the person you need, if you know it. 

Press one for customer support 

Press two for wholesale 

Press three for accounts 

Press four for compliance 

Press five for new product development 

Press six for careers 

Press seven for all other enquiries 


Muscle Food

Park Lane Business Centre 

23-25 Park Lane 




The Muscle Food head office is found just outside the Nottingham city centre. The nearest train station is Bluwell, which is still a fair distance from the head office address. 

The closest bus stop is on Saxondale Dive which is at least a five-minute walk from the Muscle Food location, the bus route that stops there is the L14 LocalLink. 

From Park Lane you can turn right onto Kersall Drive and then onto Hucknall Road. From Hucknall Road you have access to Valley Road which is easily connected the the A610, which leads onto the M1.  

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