National Grid Head Office (London)

Contact Number

020 7004 3000

When you call the National Grid head office number to speak to them, you will be connected to a receptionist who will direct you to the correct person that you need to speak to. 


1-3 Strand 




Charing Cross overground and underground station is just a stone’s throw from the National Grid head office.

The closest bus stop is Charing Cross, and there are a number of different routes that all stop there, they include 11, 87, 91, 748, N11, N44, N87, N91 and N155.

Located on The Strand, getting to the National Grid head office by car means you’ll face plenty of traffic, toll charges and even troubles with parking. You can follow The Strand to the A4 and then turn left onto the A4200. Follow this road straight onto the A501, this A road is great for connecting you to other major roads in and out of London, as well as around the city.