Nissan Head Office (Rickmansworth)

Contact Number

The Nissan head office can be found in Rickmansworth and you can contact it by calling the number listed above. You can get in touch with the Nissan head office for a number of things including any enquiries regarding their cars or manufacturing as well as any corporate enquiries. The number listed above takes you through to a switchboard to help the customer services department know what it is you are inquiring about, you can find the switchboard options listed below.

The head office switchboard options are:

  1. For roadside assistance.
  2. All other enquiries
    1. For enquiries and test drives.
    2. To make a complaint.
    3. Queries or incidents related to your navigation system or Nissan connect.
  3. To hear Nissan’s data protection policy.


Nissan Motors
The Rivers Office Park,
Denham Way,
Maple Cross,


The Nissan head offices are more easily accessed via car although there are a few bus stops a short walk from the offices which are on the 324, 520, 951, E21B, R1, R2 and the W1 bus routes. The nearest train stations are the Chorleywood underground and overground stations which are not in walking distance of the offices. To access the offices via car take the M25 and at turnoff 17 follow the roundabout around to the third exit onto Denham Way once at the roundabout take the second exit to follow on Denham Way and take the third left to turn into the offices.