Skechers Head Office (St. Albans)

Contact Number

01707 624772

When you call the contact number above to speak to the Skechers UK head office, after a few rings you’ll hear an automated message. 

This message indicates other best ways to contact Skechers, as the office still isn’t fully open due to COVID. They explain how to contact them through the website, or via email, or you have the option to leave a voicemail message when you hear the beep. 


Centrium Business Park 


Griffiths Way 

St Albans 

AL1 2RD 


St Albans Abbey train station is just around the corner from the head office address, about a five minute walk away, so this makes a great public transport option for travelling to the Skechers head office. 

There is also a bus stop on Griffiths Way, where you’ll find the routes 601 The Alban Way, S4 circle line and S5 circle line all stop. 

From the head office you can turn straight onto the A5183, where you can take a right onto Watling Street. From this street you can use the Park Street roundabout to get onto the North Oribtal Road, which quickly connects you to the M1.