Sky Head Office (Middlesex)

Contact Number

Get in touch with the Sky head office on the number above where they can answer your questions relating to Sky TV, broadband, phone, mobile and more.

When you ring the number you will be given the options:

They will ask you to tell them in a few words what you are calling for, you might say things like pay my bill or engineer hasn’t arrived yet.

Or, if you hold the line for a couple of seconds longer you will then be given the following options:

  • Press one for Bill
  • Press two if you are moving home
  • Press three if you would like to upgrade or rejoin Sky
  • Press four if you would like to reduce your subscription or leave Sky
  • Press five if your Sky TV is not working
  • Press six for Sky broadband or phone
  • Press seven for Sky mobile


Grant Way


The Sky Head Office can be reached from both the Brentford and Syon Lane train stations, which are at most a ten-minute walk away.

The address can easily be found off the M4 too.