Slimming World Head Office (Alfreton)

Last Updated on January 22, 2020

Contact Number

When you call this phone line, you can speak to a friendly team member at Slimming World who will assist you. Depending on your reason for calling the Slimming World head office, they can put you in touch with the right person. For Slimming World customers, that could be a more local consultant if you are trying to find a group. If you are a consultant yourself, you could call to speak with a District Manager. You can request a transfer to any head office department, from recruitment to marketing. Nutritionists, other health professionals, or suppliers can contact senior management to find more information or get involved with producing their food range. The media can make press enquiries.


Slimming World
4 Clover Nook Road
DE55 4SW

slimming world head office


When driving to the Slimming World head office, you can get there from the A38, turning onto Clover Nook Road from Birchwood Lane. You may be able to park in their free onsite car park, or anywhere else in the industrial park. Alfreton train station is unfortunately at least 40 minutes’ walk away. It is possible to get the bus from Alfreton bus station near the Tesco superstore, alighting at Union Street and walking for about 17 minutes down Birchwood Lane, through the footpath to Bramble Way, and then onto Clover Nook Road. It is easier to travel by car.