Sofology Head Office (Warrington)

Last Updated on February 7, 2023

Contact Number

Call the number above to contact the Sofology head office team who will be able to assist you. If you’d like a quicker option then you can use the web enquiry form on the customer service page. 

On the phone, you will be given the following options to choose from: 

Press one to book, track or amend a delivery 

Press two if you’re experiencing a product fault 

Press three for general enquiries that aren’t related to a fault or delivery  


Golborne Point 

Ashton Road 





Both Bryn train station and Newton-le-Willows are within an equal distance of the Sofology head office in either direction. Once you get off the train station, you’ll need another mode of transportation however as the distance is too far to walk. 

Just around the corner from the Sogology head office is a bus stop where you can use the following routes to get to the location, 22A, 360, 665, 666, 742 and 954. 

From Ashton Road you can turn onto the A573, here you can use the roundabout to get onto the A580 and follow this until you reach junction 23 to get onto the M6.