Sykes Cottages Head Office (Chester)

Contact Number

01244 356666 

Call the Sykes Cottages head office contact number using the details above. When you call this number you will be given three options to choose from. 

Press one if you have booked a holiday, are looking to book a holiday or if you’re on holiday currently and need some help

Press two if you’re letting a property or have recently signed a new contract 

Press three if you’re an existing property owner 


Sykes Holiday Cottages 

One City Place

Queen’s Road 





You’ll find the Chester train station just a five-minute walk from the Sykes Cottages headquarters. 

Just outside the train station is also a bus station, where there are numerous bus routes all stopping here, they include the 1 Sapphire, 4, 4S, X1 and X4. 

From Queen’s Road, you can turn left onto City Road, where you’ll go straight onto a roundabout. This roundabout leads to the A51, which can connect you quickly to the M53.