TFL Head Office (London)

Last Updated on January 22, 2020

Contact Number

You can get in touch with the TFL head office which can be found in central London by dialling 0843 557 3455. The number puts you through to a switchboard where you can select the option which is most relevant to your inquiry allowing you to be transferred to the correct department.

The switchboard options are:

Press * to know how your data is used

  1. To find out about child, 11-15, 16+, 18+ or 60+ Oyster photo cards
  2. To inquire about blue oyster or contactless payment cards
  3. To get help planning a journey
  4. For lost property
  5. Complaints or suggestions about the London streets or any TFL service


TfL Customer Service
4th Floor
14 Pier Walk
London SE10 0ES


The TFL head office is located close to the O2 in London. The closest tube station is about 10 minutes away by foot and it is North Greenwich Station which is on the Jubilee line. There are also multiple bus stops near the offices. If you’re driving to the offices there are two car parks within walking distance of the offices that you can park in. The head offices are just off the A102 which can be accessed from the A2, A2213, A20 and the M20/25.