The Fragrance Shop Head Office (Manchester)

Contact Number

0161 468 1701

Get in touch with The Fragrance Shop head office on the number above. When you call this number you will be given the following options to choose from: 

Press one to place an order

Press two to speak to the customer care team 


6 Premier Park Acheson Way

Trafford Park Road 


M17 1GA


The Trafford Park train station is the closest to The Fragrance Shop head office address. It is about a twenty-minute walk from the station to the headquarters. 

The tram line is not far from the head office, with the red line running along here. 

There are also bus stops along Trafford Park Road with the bus route X50 runs and stops. 

If you get onto Village Way from Trafford Park Road by taking the roundabout, you’ll quickly get onto the M60.