Toolstation Head Office (Bridgwater)

Contact Number

0330 333 3303

Speak to the head office at Toolstation by using the contact number above. When you call this number you will be given two initial options: 

Press one if you’re using a mobile phone and would like them to send a link where you can use the live chat service free of charge

Press two to proceed to the main menu

If you press two, you will then be given a further list of options to choose from: 

Press one to place an order, ask about a product or stock 

Press two to discuss an existing order 

Press three for branch information 

Press four for the customer service team 


Unit 2 

Express Park Bristol Road 




The nearest train station is Bridgwater, however, it would take around thirty minutes to walk from the station to the head office, so it’s probably best to use another mode of transport, such as a taxi when getting off the train. 

Just outside of the Express Park, there is a bus stop with routes 21, 21A, 62 and B1 all stopping here. 

Once you turn out of Express Park, you can take a left onto Bristol Road, follow the road to the roundabout and take a right turn on the roundabout to enter the M5 at junction 23.