Travis Perkins Head Office (Northampton)

Last Updated on January 22, 2020

Contact Number

You can get in contact with the Travis Perkins head office, which is located in Northampton by calling the number above. The number will put you straight through to a member of their customer services team and you may be transferred to another member of staff in another department if it is necessary.

What to do when calling the head office:

  1. Write down any information you think you may need in order to receive help from a member of their staff
  2. Call the number listed above
  3. Once a member of their customer services answers the phone (the phone may ring for a while but just wait and your call will be answered) explain why you are calling and they will either be able to answer your question or inquiry or pass you on to the correct department


Travis Perkins Plc
Lodge Way House
Lodge Way
Harlestone Road


The head office can be found on an industrial estate in Northampton. There are 5 bus stops just down the road from the offices which is about a 15-minute walk away. The estate is easily accessed via car from the A428, taking the Lodge Way turn off to get to the office. The A428 can be accessed from the A4500 and other A roads which lead off from the M1. The nearest station is Northampton station which is in the city centre, the easiest way to get to the office from the station would be by taxi or bus as it is not in working distance of the station.