Must-Have Gear for Every Bike Rider

When it comes to riding a bike, having the right gear is crucial for both safety and comfort. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting your biking adventure, investing in the right equipment is a wise decision.

1. Helmet: Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

A helmet is the single most important piece of equipment for any rider. It protects your head from impacts and reduces the risk of severe head injuries. When choosing a helmet, ensure it meets safety standards and provides a snug fit. Look for features like a sturdy outer shell, impact-absorbing padding, and good ventilation. Remember, a quality helmet should be replaced every five years or after any significant impact.

2. Riding Jacket: Shield Yourself from the Elements and Impact

A well-fitted riding jacket not only offers protection but also keeps you comfortable during your rides. Look for jackets made from durable materials like leather or abrasion-resistant textiles. Ensure it has padding or armour in critical areas such as the shoulders, elbows, and back. Additionally, choose a jacket with proper ventilation and weatherproofing to adapt to various riding conditions.

3. Gloves: Grip, Protection, and Comfort

Motorcycle gloves provide crucial protection for your hands, enhancing your grip on the handlebars and shielding you in case of a fall. Look for gloves with reinforced knuckle protection, palm padding, and abrasion-resistant materials. Additionally, ensure they provide a comfortable fit without compromising dexterity, allowing you to maintain control and feel of the bike’s controls.

4. Riding Pants: Safeguard Your Lower Body

Protecting your lower body is as important as safeguarding your upper body. Riding pants offer abrasion resistance and impact protection. Opt for pants made of sturdy materials like leather or reinforced textiles. Look for features such as armour at the hips and knees, adjustable straps for a secure fit, and proper ventilation to keep you comfortable during long rides.

5. Boots: Stability, Support, and Foot Protection

Investing in a good pair of motorcycle boots is essential for stability, support, and protection of your feet and ankles. Look for boots with oil-resistant, anti-slip soles for optimal grip. They should provide ankle protection, reinforced toe and heel areas, and sturdy construction. Comfort is vital, so choose boots that offer a proper fit and ventilation for all-day riding comfort.

And while not necessarily gear, having the right comprehensive motorbike insurance is also important in order to be safe on the road. If you do research on anything, it should be this. It’s recommended that you spend some time comparing quotes before settling on a broker in order to find a good deal on a policy that covers you completely.

How to Cancel a Direct Debit With Natwest


If you have a Natwest direct debit set up that you would like to cancel, you can find out the different ways you can cancel with the helpful guide below. Natwest is a British bank that has locations nationwide. Natwest offers normal financial services such as debit card and direct debits as well as insurance and mortgage services.

How To Cancel A Direct Debit With Natwest Via Banking App

The first thing you need to do is download and log into the Natwest Banking app. Select the account your direct debit is set up with and then select the ‘direct debit’ section of the page. Click on the direct debit you wish to cancel and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see a ‘cancel’ button, once you have selected this button you will need to finish the cancellation by following the on-screen instructions.

How To Cancel A Direct Debit With Natwest Via Online Banking

Go to the Natwest online banking website and log into your banking account. Go to the ‘payments and transfers’ section which can be found on the left-hand side menu. Select ‘direct debits’ and then click ‘manage direct debits’. You will then be able to look through your list of direct debits, find the direct debit you would like to cancel and select ‘cancel direct debit’. To complete the cancellation you will need to follow the on-screen instructions.

How To Cancel A Direct Debit With Natwest Via Phone Call

If you would prefer to cancel your direct debit via phone call to Natwest you can do so by dialling 0844 826 0447. You will need to confirm some of your personal and account details before cancelling your direct debit to confirm your identity. You will then need to provide the team member with information regarding the direct debit you wish to cancel to identify which payment you’re referring to. You will then be able to cancel your direct debit easily after confirmation.

How to Spend Your Nectar Points in Sainsbury’s


Sainsbury’s was one of the founding members of the Nectar loyalty programme. It makes sense that it is one of the most popular retailers for collecting and spending Nectar points. If you have a Nectar card, then buying your groceries at Sainsbury’s would help you to earn Nectar points faster. It makes sense to redeem your Nectar points at Sainsbury’s as well to save some money on your necessities.

How to Collect Nectar Points in Sainsbury’s

You can collect Nectar points in Sainsbury’s stores and their online shop, and also Sainsbury’s Bank and Sainsbury’s Energy. As soon as you have a Nectar card, you can begin to earn points whenever you spend money at Sainsbury’s. Swipe your Nectar card when paying to collect the points on your final transaction total. You will earn 1 point per £1 when you make qualifying purchases instore or online. At Esso Sainsbury’s petrol stations, you will earn 1 point per 1 litre of fuel. You might be able to earn more points per pound during promotional periods when Sainsbury is running special offers.

Please note that you won’t earn Nectar points if you pay using points or on the following purchases:

  • gift vouchers
  • postage stamps
  • savings stamps
  • cash back
  • vending machines
  • car park tickets
  • lottery tickets
  • tobacco kiosk
  • spirits and liqueurs
  • mobile phone cards
  • mobile phone vouchers
  • proprietary medicine
  • baby milk products

How to Spend Nectar Points at Sainsbury’s

Unfortunately, you cannot spend Nectar points at Sainsbury’s at the same rate that you earn them. When you spend Nectar points in Sainsbury’s, 500 points are the equivalent of £2.50. You can only spend Nectar points in minimum blocks of 500 points. You can opt to pay with your points up to the nearest £2.50 when you swipe your Nectar card at the till. Alternatively, you can redeem your points for an e-voucher through your Nectar account and then use this when you check out online. Since you can only pay with segments of 500 points, you might not have enough to pay for an entire order.

How to Redeem Nectar Points in Sainsbury’s

Actually redeeming the Nectar points on your account is easy. You can redeem points instantly from your Nectar card the next time you make a Sainsbury’s purchase. The only regulations are that you must wait 24 hours after first visiting the store, and you must have earned Nectar points on more than £1 of shopping at Sainsbury’s in the last 12 months. Purchases at Sainsbury’s petrol stations do not count towards this. However, you can redeem points to pay for fuel when you swipe your card at the petrol station kiosk (but not if you pay at the pump). You must have swiped your Nectar card at a Sainsbury’s location at least once in the previous year to be able to redeem points there. You can ask Sainsbury’s staff to help if you want to spend points at a location where you haven’t swiped it before.

How to Redeem Nectar Vouchers in Sainsbury’s

Nectar sometimes issues Sainsbury’s-specific vouchers which will only be for use at Sainsbury’s. You must meet the conditions of the voucher and give it to the cashier in order to redeem the described offer. The voucher will no longer be redeemable past the “valid until” date it displays. These printed vouchers are normally only for use in Sainsbury’s stores or petrol stations. This excludes Sainsbury’s online store and in-store concessions like Argos and Habitat. Vouchers must be original, undamaged versions, and you normally cannot use them at the same time as other promotions. You could use a voucher as part-payment then pay the remaining balance via another method, but you can’t get any change or a refund for a voucher. You will not earn Nectar points on it if you are redeeming points.

Why are my Nectar points not on my Sainsbury’s receipt?

Sainsbury’s has changed the way Nectar points appear on Sainsbury’s till receipts. This is to make it easier for customers to see their balance at the time of the receipt being printed. Do not worry if your points balance on the receipt is inaccurate, because it could take some time for your Nectar account to update. Bonus points can take up to 28 days to clear. Only contact Sainsbury’s if your Nectar points balance is showing as 0. You may need to update your account details to fix this.

What is an Ann Summers Party?


If you have been invited to an Ann Summers party or you’re thinking about organising one but you’re unsure what the party consists of you can read the guide below to find out what happens during one of these parties. Ann Summers is a lingerie and sex toy store in the United Kingdom that was founded in 1970. The store has locations nationwide as well as an online store.

What is an Ann Summers Party?

The Ann Summers Party Plan concept was originally created in 1981 by Jacqueline Gold. The parties are women-only and they allow women to explore the different products available from Ann Summers. The parties are planned by ‘party organisers’ who’re employed by Ann Summers. The organiser will work with the person who is putting the party on whether it is for a hen party or birthday party and decide on the games that will be played and the items that will be brought. The organiser supplies a range of sex toy products from Ann Summers that the women can take a look at as well as a catalogue of Ann Summers products including lingerie. The guests are encouraged to look through the catalogue and order items at the end of the party. Throughout the party, the women usually drink and take part in sexual themed games as well as explore the items that are supplied by the organiser.

How to Organise an Ann Summers Party

You will be able to inquire about your local party organiser, there are 7,500 party organiser employed across the United Kingdom. You will be given the contact information of the party organiser in your area and you will be able to organise your party including the games and items that will be brought to your party. You will be informed of the price of the party and whether you will need to pay a deposit for the party, the cost usually depends on how many women will be attending. You can also call the number if you have had any issues with your party, you have some unanswered questions about the party, you would like to cancel your party or if you have any other issues or enquiries to discuss with the Ann Summers team.

How do I apply for a Waitrose card?

Waitrose offers a membership for their regular customers to benefit from exclusive discounts. The “myWaitrose” membership is not the same as other supermarket loyalty schemes because you do not have to earn points by spending money. You can sign up for a myWaitrose card and start using the membership offers right away. This guide will show you how to sign up and get a Waitrose card.

How to Apply for a Waitrose Card

To join the myWaitrose scheme, you have to apply for a Waitrose card online. Click on the “Register” link at the top of the Waitrose website to create an account or follow a direct link to join myWaitrose.

It then prompts you to enter your e-mail address and create a password to register for an account. Make sure that you check the “Sign me up” option for myWaitrose at the bottom if you want a card.

Click to continue and then it will require you to provide your personal details. Your full name and address are needed to register for an account and Waitrose card. You can update it later if needed.

Once you have done this, it will confirm your registration. Your permanent physical Waitrose card should arrive in the post within 2-3 weeks after this. You have the option of printing off a temporary card if you want to use your new myWaitrose benefits instore while you are waiting to get the card.

Alternatively, you could take a photo of the temporary card with your phone or simply write down the card number and show it to the cashier. This is more environmentally friendly as it saves paper.

How to Get a Replacement Waitrose Card

If you lose your myWaitrose card, do not worry. You can request another one by sending an e-mail to mywaitrose@waitrose.co.uk. Enter “Lost Waitrose Card” as the subject and include your name and address in the e-mail. They will contact you back and arrange for a new Waitrose card to be sent out. You should receive your replacement Waitrose card in the post as soon as possible, but it could take a few weeks to arrive. Meanwhile, they can help you with a temporary Waitrose card if you need one.

How to Get a Digital Waitrose Card

You can download the “Waitrose & Partners” app if you have an Apple or Android device. Sign into your account and click “More” to see a copy of your Waitrose card. You can use your phone to scan this digital card copy when shopping in Waitrose stores. You can only use it when ordering online. Using the Waitrose & Partners app to access your digital myWaitrose card is much more efficient.