What is an Ann Summers Party?


If you have been invited to an Ann Summers party or you’re thinking about organising one but you’re unsure what the party consists of you can read the guide below to find out what happens during one of these parties. Ann Summers is a lingerie and sex toy store in the United Kingdom that was founded in 1970. The store has locations nationwide as well as an online store.

What is an Ann Summers Party?

The Ann Summers Party Plan concept was originally created in 1981 by Jacqueline Gold. The parties are women-only and they allow women to explore the different products available from Ann Summers. The parties are planned by ‘party organisers’ who’re employed by Ann Summers. The organiser will work with the person who is putting the party on whether it is for a hen party or birthday party and decide on the games that will be played and the items that will be brought. The organiser supplies a range of sex toy products from Ann Summers that the women can take a look at as well as a catalogue of Ann Summers products including lingerie. The guests are encouraged to look through the catalogue and order items at the end of the party. Throughout the party, the women usually drink and take part in sexual themed games as well as explore the items that are supplied by the organiser.

How to Organise an Ann Summers Party

You will be able to inquire about your local party organiser, there are 7,500 party organiser employed across the United Kingdom. You will be given the contact information of the party organiser in your area and you will be able to organise your party including the games and items that will be brought to your party. You will be informed of the price of the party and whether you will need to pay a deposit for the party, the cost usually depends on how many women will be attending. You can also call the number if you have had any issues with your party, you have some unanswered questions about the party, you would like to cancel your party or if you have any other issues or enquiries to discuss with the Ann Summers team.

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