What Is the NYA Air-Serv Charge on Your Bank Statement?

You meticulously manage your finances, scrutinizing every line on your bank statement. But what happens when an unfamiliar charge like NYAAir-Serv appears? We’re here to demystify this charge for you. The NYAAir-Serv charge is a legitimate fee for services provided at petrol stations, primarily for the use of air pumps. This comprehensive guide will delve into what this charge means, how it appears on your bank statement, and how to manage it effectively.

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How Does NYA*Air-Serv Charge Appear on Bank Statements?

The NYA*Air-Serv charge can appear under various transaction names, depending on your bank. Here are some common variations:

  • NYA AirServ 6.47
  • AIR SERVE 3.99
  • XACT Air Serv

Have you ever scrutinised your bank statement and wondered what the NYA Air-Serv charge is? This article aims to shed light on what NYA Air-Serv is, why you might see this charge on your bank statement, how to verify its legitimacy, and ways to prevent unwanted charges. Understanding these charges is crucial for effective financial management.

Brief Overview

NYA Air-Serv is a company that provides various services, often at airports and service stations. The charge you see on your bank statement is likely for services rendered by this company.

Importance of Understanding Bank Statement Charges

Understanding the charges on your bank statement is vital for budgeting, avoiding fraud, and ensuring you’re not paying for services you didn’t use or want.

What is NYA Air-Serv?

Company Background

NYA Air-Serv is a UK-based company specialising in providing services such as air for tyres, vacuum cleaning for cars, and other amenities commonly found at service stations and airports.

Services Offered

The company offers a range of services including, but not limited to, air pumps for tyres, vacuum cleaners, and water dispensers. These services are often coin-operated or card-based.

Common Amounts Charged

The amounts can vary but are generally small, ranging from £1 to £5, depending on the service used.

Why You Might See NYA Air-Serv on Your Statement

Scenarios Leading to the Charge

You might have used an air pump at a petrol station or a vacuum cleaner at an airport, leading to this charge appearing on your statement.

Locations Where NYA Air-Serv Operates

The company operates primarily at service stations, airports, and some shopping centres across the UK.

How to Verify the Legitimacy of the Charge

Contacting NYA Air-Serv

If you’re unsure about the charge, the first step is to contact NYA Air-Serv’s customer service.

Checking Transaction History

Review your own transaction history to see if the date and amount align with your activities.

Verifying with Your Bank

If you’re still uncertain, contact your bank to verify the charge’s legitimacy.

Common Questions About NYA Air-Serv Charges

Is it a Recurring Charge?

Generally, NYA Air-Serv charges are one-off and not recurring.

Can I Dispute the Charge?

Yes, if you believe the charge is fraudulent or incorrect, you can dispute it with your bank.

What if I Don’t Recognise the Charge?

If you don’t recognise the charge, it’s essential to investigate it as soon as possible to rule out fraudulent activity.

How to Prevent Unwanted NYA Air-Serv Charges

Opting Out of Services

Be cautious when using services at service stations and airports, and opt out if you don’t wish to incur charges.

Monitoring Your Bank Statements

Regularly check your bank statements to catch any unwanted charges early.


NYA Air-Serv is a legitimate company offering various services at service stations and airports. While the charges are generally small, it’s crucial to verify them to ensure they are accurate.

Understanding what each charge on your bank statement means is an essential part of financial literacy. Always scrutinise your statements and take action if something doesn’t look right.

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